Christmas Games



About a half-an-hour of good fun at any Christmas party or holiday gathering. The titles of these 26 Christmas songs have been badly butchered (probably by government bureaucrats). It is up to the players to restore them to their original form. Click on the descriptions to download the pdf files.

Example: "Befell at a clement bewitching hour"

NUTtin' for Christmas

A nutty bit of fun for any party. If a "seashore nut" is a beechnut, then what's a "money nut"? Click here to download pdf file.

"The Holiday Game That's Almost As Much Fun
As Opening Presents"

Raucous Recitations

Here are a selected few of the hundreds of available parodies and rewrites of traditional Christmas songs and verse. So, gather 'round the burning Yule log and read (or sing) to one another for heightened Christmas cheer. Best accomplished after consumption of copious amounts of heavily spiked egg nog.

"Thank You Notes" for the 12 Days of Christmas
     Agnes succumbs to a bombardment of birds and entertainers. (Adult language) Acrobat (pdf) file.

Politically Correct Version of "A Visit From Saint Nicholas"
     "So Dancer and Donner, Comet and Cupid, were replaced with 4 pigs, and you know that looked stupid!"

Dieter's Version of "A Visit From Saint Nicholas"
     "The kitchen was empty, no thieves were lurkin', But I opened the Frigidaire just to be certain."

Others like these can be found on our Christmas Humor page.


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The 200 Charades titles are in an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file designed to be printed out on Avery business-card stock (10 per sheet, template #8371). Alternatively, you can print on plain paper and cut with scissors; this will create rather flimsy but somewhat less expensive 'cards.' In addition to the file for the titles, there is an Acrobat file for the reverse side of each category. This enables the creation of five stacks of 40-cards each that can be numbered and selected by rolling a die — if you roll a six, you get to choose your category.

To download a file, click on its name below:

200 Titles: xmas-charades_titles.pdfThe main file. The 'front' of the cards, 20 pages.

Literature: xmas-charades_LIT.pdf includes books, stories, and poems

Movies: xmas-charades_MOV.pdf

Shows: xmas-charades_SHO.pdf includes television specials, operas, and plays. Does not include titles of individual episodes unless they were released as separate videos.

Carols: xmas-charades_CAR.pdfmusic celebrating the religious aspects of Christmas.

Songs: xmas-charades_SONG.pdfsongs of the secular side of Christmas.