Music and Song

The Essential Library of Christmas Music

Fresh Aire Christmas

(1988) M. Steamroller


(1984) by M. Steamroller.
Christmas Eve

(1994) David Lanz
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The Narada
Christmas Collection

(1988) Various artists
Christmas Extraodinaire

(2001) by M. Steamroller
Christmas In the Aire

(1995) by M. Steamroller
Christmas Hits

50 classics for $49.98
(1968) Tony Bennett

White Christmas

(1991) Bing Crosby
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It's Christmas Time

(1985) Elvis Presley
12 Songs of Christmas
(1998) Etta James
Broadway Christmas

Verve Presents: The Very Best of Christmas Jazz
Yule Struttin'

Joy to the World - Ormandy, Phil. Orchestra
Merry Christmas

(1991) Doc Severinsen

Hilarious Spoofs, Parodies, and Christmas Novelty Songs
Twisted Christmas

(1990) by Bob Rivers $10.99
More Twisted Christmas

(1997) By Bob Rivers $10.99
The Greatest Christmas Novelty CD Of All Time

(1989) Various artists. $14.99
Holiday in Dementia

(1995) Various artists. $14.99
Christmas Comedy 1

(2002) by American Comedy Network $11.99
White Trash Christmas

(2002) By Bob Rivers $10.99
Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire

(2000) Bob Rivers $10.99
I Am Santa Claus

(1993) Bob Rivers $10.99

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