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Amber L. Lowe
Bull Terrier with Ball Keepsake Box
Amy's Designs
Rottweilers Rule Keepsake Box
Best of Breed
Blessing Art
I Love Black Cats Keepsake Box
Boston Terriers +
BT on Avocado Keepsake Box
Cafe Pets
Silky Terrier Keepsake Box
Canine Casual
Sheltie Headstudy+2 Keepsake Box
Cat Lovers
Relaxed Cat-And-Quote Keepsake Box
Chezzy Designs
I love Australian Shepherds Keepsake Box
The Dog House
Kept the Cat Keepsake Box
Dog Lover Shop
Labrador Retrievers Keepsake Box
Grinning Baer Designs
Got Koi Keepsake Box
Irony Design
Siberian Husky Keepsake Keepsake Box
Lesruba Designs
Pug Dog Keepsake Box
One With Nature
Golden Retriever Dog Keepsake Box
OtterTail Art
Black Labrador Chef Keepsake Box
Sad Dog Shirts
White Cat Face Keepsake Box
Serendipity Dog Shop
Shadow's Attic Corner
Watching Wolf-Keepsake Box
Stonebreaker Art
Saint Bernard Puppy Keepsake Box
Tail Waggers Gallery
German Shepherd Dog ~ Keepsake Box
Timid Designs
Cuddle Kitty Keepsake Box
Trisha's Treasures
Black Cat & Snowflakes Keepsake Box

Click on any image to see other animals or views from the same source. Most images are available on numerous items.

DCR Images
Badger Keepsake Box
Diane Jacky
Ringneck Pheasant Keepsake Box
Happy Dolphin Keepsake Box
Black Panther Tribal Art 1 Keepsake Box
J. Matthews Studio
Keepsake Box with Chickadees & Berries
Kini Art
KiniArt Elephant Keepsake Box
Mary Jill Lemieur Designs
Snowy Owl Keepsake Box
Nature Wear
Save The Panda Keepsake Box
Pet Drawings
Hippo Keepsake Box
Shadow's Attic Corner
Watching Wolf-Keepsake Box
Such Is Life
Polar Bear & Snow Keepsake Box
Keepsake Boxes: Made of solid hardwood with high-gloss lacquer finish, these lovely boxes showcase a beautiful ceramic tile. Spring-loaded hinged lid stays open without tipping the box over and snaps closed securely. Interior is fully lined in velvet; bottom is covered with felt. A quality gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.
Framed Art Tiles: Lovely art and stunning illustrations in a 6"x6" frame of cherrywood ready for hanging. These make exquisite gifts.
Ceramic Coasters: Unique and beautiful coasters make memorable gifts. Mix and match to fit the occasion and the recipient. Images are applied with a polyester resin that accepts dye as part of the coating. Four felt pads protect furniture from scratches. Fine art and graphics that are dishwasher safe.
Pillows: Made of ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy canvas image area. Removable zippered cover (for easy laundering) ships with pillow insert. Measures a sprawling 18" X 18" so you can lounge in comfort.
Coffee/Tea Mugs: A hefty, 15-oz. ceramic mug with.a large, easy-grip handle. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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